Astra Jab for over-65s: Media hype vs safety data

You will no doubt have heard, in the media, that the Covid AstraZeneca vaccine is recommended for older people. You could be forgiven, amongst all the media hype, for assuming the vaccine is perfectly safe for older people. But is this true?

Actually, upon closer inspection, we learn the safety data is lacking. According to AstraZeneca's official Product Information:

“There are currently limited data available for the efficacy and safety in individuals over 65 years of age. Further information will be collected from ongoing clinical studies and post-market monitoring. The decision to immunise an elderly patient should be decided on a case-by-case basis with consideration of age, co-morbidities, their environment, potential benefits and potential risks.” (Sect. 4.4., p. 5)

Keep in mind that “post-market monitoring” is a more sanitised way of telling you this is, in fact, an ongoing experiment.